Verginia Veltcheva

Verginia Velcheva founded in 2007 the art glass studio "Glass Design". She is a Master of Laws and had a successful political career in the past, but is fascinated by the magic of glass and choose her life path to continue as an independent artist. For her glass has strong character - you can melt it and play with its shapes and colors, but not to ignore its fragility and hardness. Any contact with the glass is unique and exciting and it continues to give her real satisfaction and pleasure.

 Teodora Piperevska

Teodora Piperevska

Teodora Piperevska is known with numerous artistic expressions in the field of cinema and advertising, but her talent shines most brightly in her unique works of glass. About glass she says "Every fifty or one hundred years someone announces oncoming of the end of science, philosophy, humanity ... Nobody argues this about glass - there is no material that can completely replace it, it continues to bring us a sense of wonder and refinement. Glass is a universe with its own laws. Working with glass is a great corrective - you immediately feel your potential or that you are currently in deadlock ... That's why I love working with glass - an alternative universe in your hands.“


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