The technology we use is in general based on the melting flat glass in a high temperature kiln.

Fusing is the technique of glass processing, where two or more pieces of flat glass are combined in a certain way, place in kiln and heated until molten and fuse together into a single piece of glass.

Slumping is a technique that is used to modify the shape of the glass by using a mold, a high temperature and gravity. The piece of glass is placed on a fixed mold and heated until the glass takes the form of the mold or drain from the mold in the desired shape. We usually slumping glass, which was previously formed by fusing. When heating the glass, it becomes semi-liquid and under the force of its own weight the glass takes the form on which it is applied.

Fusing glass (often called kilnformed, warm or kiln-glass) is a technology developed over the centuries and is still used today, more and more because it gives unlimited possibilities for combining and matching colors and shapes.

In contrast to stained glass (known as „les vitraux") by fusing glass  the artistic object is not interrupted by the lead metal lines and allows the creation of three-dimensional shapes without cuts instead those assembled from many pieces of glass.